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Lectisoft Lincalc

A console calculator for evaluating algebraic, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations, designed to provide a simple interface to a very powerful calculator.

Lectisoft - Quality Open Source Software

We don't believe in charging for our software, anybody with a computer should have the privilege to enjoy our software. The fun of developing the software is enough payment for us, as well as the enjoyment we get out of providing software to anyone who finds it useful. And we like to keep it open source, so people who are also interested in developing software can either learn from our source code or modify it to fit their needs.

Latest Release - Version 1.1.4 (Older Versions)

Lectisoft Lincalc(NEW: v1.1.4 now supports user-defined linear functions!) Supports user-defined variables, logical operators for conditions, and a wide range of mathematical functions each calculation that is made is stored in a result variable (Ans1, Ans2..) and can be referenced in equations. It also supports evaluation of multiple equations each separated by a ','. For a full list of features enter '$feat' into the command line.


Download Type Download URL
Windows Installer Download Lectisoft-Lincalc-v1.1.4-Setup.exe
Zip Archive Download Lectisoft-Lincalc-v1.1.4.zip
Source Code Archive Download Lectisoft-Lincalc-v1.1.4-Source.zip